Do you emotionally crash after a job?

Did you ever get so excited about doing a web project that you reached your emotional climax when it was completed…:weee: only to get depressed after the job was over? :frowning: (( Stop thinking of the other thing…)))

I wouldn’t say I get depressed when I’m finished working on an exciting project but sometimes I miss working with such great people and also the whole satisfaction of helping out where I can and also seeing something go from nothing into something that someone else had in their mindset and making it a reality for them, knowing I had something small/big to do with that is the real kicker for me! - I really miss that side of things but u know, it’s not long til another exciting project comes along and I get to do it all over again :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, not all the time I have exciting projects that I’m working on…and sometimes I just can’t wait til they’re finished - I would say that for the most part, these projects really drain me and I end up feeling the worse for wear after them, to me these projects are very draining, mentally and emotionally - it’s difficult to deal with them because you often think about what you could’ve done differently or why did it go so wrong, but usually it’s not ur fault and you can over analyze stuff way too much! After all that hype, I tend to get stuck into something I really enjoy or get busy on a new exciting project if I can, it’s hard to let go of projects with negative outcomes or dealing with difficult people within them :shifty:

I’ve never been in such a situation. Granted I’ve done a very limited number of projects, for clients or myself.

I’ve never done any projects for a client that would be so exciting. I did however do some for myself. But because they were mine, I’ve stuck to them until I got burnt out (or I’m still working at them). Hence I’ve never had a post-project depression.

I never get depressed after a project is done. I am elated that it is done :slight_smile: Then I can start a new project, fun and new stuff again. I love it.

Are you kidding me?

I only wanna go out and party with it in mind.

But I will tell you right now, there is nothing more depressing than working on project only to know that it’s been a month with no traffic.

<---------- my situation

I can relate with mizwizzy. I find the projects that started off great, but then for some reason started spiraling downward, as the most emotionally and mentally draining. It starts off as “this is great!” but finishes with “God. When will this end.” :slight_smile:

I don’t get depressed after a project is done. I love the feeling of completing a project. Feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. =)

I agree, finishing a project IS exciting because it’s the move from the mundane action to beginning something new and potentially rewarding. Getting bummed out that a project has finished is probably the reverse of the norm. While I enjoy most of the work I undertake, I wouldn’t feel upset about it having finished. You should be excited as to what the future may bring, after all, you don’t want to do the same thing for the rest of your life - right? :slight_smile:

I don’t get down when I finish a project because I don’t have the time and because my clients take such a long time to take decisions that I’m always asking myself “when will this end?” :lol:

Did you ever get so excited about doing a web project that you reached your emotional climax when it was completed…

Um, No. I get excited about all the things I could do, then get a little down that I don’t have enough time at the moment… because I work for someone else :frowning:

Even if you freelance you work for someone else :lol:

But you get to choose the projects you do and earn more per hour (if you are one of those successful freelancers of course) :eye:

My boss give me a project and tell me that finish it with 15 days, i do lot off work and hard work on that project, i see this project on my dream, i get many suggestion with my friend and at last i finished it and gave to my boss , he gave him his 2 minutes hardly and said you can not do anything, when i heard i shock and resign the job.

emotional climax ha ha ha never ha ha ha

This only happens to me when I get done the interesting parts of a project. I like learning new things and building things I haven’t programmed before. Once that part of the project is over I hit a low… and it’s hard to finish… But follow through is easier when people are paying :slight_smile:

Heck, I’m emotionally spent even after working a full day on my own projects! Even if I feel like I got a lot done, I’m just totally wasted at the end of the day sometimes. Sleep is the only cure.

Ive gotten depressed after I got laid off a job where I worked on projects with great people, but other than that I get happy when I complete projects.

Nope, never. All the projects I’ve worked on continues for new releases. Usually, my excitement of the project declines after working on it for a year or so. Then again, I haven’t been excited for any project for very long time.

I think I’m on the verge of emotionally crashing DURING my current job which has scope creeped, expanded, failed to follow any predetermined paths, exceeded all estimated time and financial estimates, caused me a ton of stress, presented problem (for problem read ‘challenge’) after problem and basically taken over my life.

When it’s finished it will be a huge weight off my shoulders, I might crash again, into a chair with a bottle of wine.

I had a similiar nightmare project like urs JJ, only just finished there about 3 weeks ago and boy do I feel brilliant that it’s over!

I don’t know if one can ever really emotionally distance themselves from a project that takes alot out of you and constantly challenges you all the time - you can control a certain amount of it sure as experience would teach you but still to remain totally unaffected by it during/after the project is something I would love to know how to do :confused2