Do you control your site’s visitors?

Dear website owners!
I think it’s quite important to be aware of your site’s visitors. What monitoring solutions do you use for understanding who is coming to your website and what they are doing while they are there?

my policy is, everyone is welcome to visit my site

so to answer your question, no, i do not control them

There is no way to control visitors to a site. There is a way to monitor IP addresses. Can’t be that paranoid. :slight_smile:

I have not websites but I am wondering why you ask such questions?

You can’t control your visitors, they always have the power to hit the close or back button and never visit your website again. Trying to enforce power over them will ensure that they will feel uncomfortable using your website and will be sure to start bashing you for making them feel neglected or violated. You should be encouraging people to engage with your website and form an emotional bond with your brand, not throwing them into walls and stalking them until they do what you want. :slight_smile: