Do you buy the domain names for your clients?

Do you purchase the domain name for your client? If so, do you pay for it yourself then sell it to them with a profit margin? What do you do when it comes time to renew the domain name? Do you put in the contract that you own the domain name or do you transfer it to your client?

I usually have them sign themselves up and walk them through changing the nameservers to work with their hosting, but sometimes I’ll register the name myself and then transfer to their own name when it’s time to renew.

I’ve never marked up the price of a domain name for anyone. Not worth it for the few dollars I’d make and it comes across as a nice gesture that I’m not trying to nickel and dime them to death.

I go through the process with my clients and ask them to purchase these themselves. Same goes for hosting.

Depends. If I’m going to be managing hosting, then I make the purchase (which is most often not the case).

If I’m just setting things up and handing it off (which is most often the case), I walk the client through making the purchase, then I do all the setup for them.