Do you blog on the weekends?


I’m trying to make up my mind if I should blog on the weekeneds. This probably depend on the type of blog someone is running.

Do you blog on the weekeneds?

For my work and study schedule, I prefer to blog on weekends because I have less workload and study-load.

whether its weekdays or weekends when i have this idea i wanna blog i just write and post…

How long some of you guys have been blogging?

Previously when I was working on a Gaming Blog I used to work on weekends as well. Although initially traffic for weekends was very low as compared to week days, but I was surprised to find that after Blogging for few weekends, traffic grew to the level of weekdays.

Totally agree with you. I always think you can write good articles when you really have something to write and eagerly write them down. Or not, you just sit in front of computer in a daze and have nothing to say. The same thing always happened to me.

Thanks Everyone,

I’m getting use to blogging once a day now but maybe later on I’ll see if I can do awhole weeks posting in one day to see how it works out.

I generally set up a weeks worth of blog posts all at once and set them to be added one each day of the week. If something comes up where I have something more to say then there ends up being a second blog post on whichever day I add the extra info.

I tend to write blog posts a) when I have the need or idea, and b) when I have a time slot to do it. “When” I actually do the writing could be any day or time, 247, 365 days a year.

Same here. I usually write many posts on Sundays

I usually write snippets here and there from my iphone or ipad to just get a blog started so I don’t lose the idea or train of thought… I’ll have anywhere from 20-30 of these at any given time and then just login whenever I need content and finish them out.

The idea phase typically happens in the bathroom. LOL

I just write them whenever I have ideas. If I finish writing them really late at night or something, I wait to publish them the next day during a time when people are usually on Facebook since it’s my main traffic source (so yes, I do blog on weekends).

I use to write blog post whenever i have ideas and some time slot to finish, irrespective of week days or weekends.

Hey I comment on blogs but most of my blogs doesn’t get confirmed. Is there any solution to this problem?

I usually reserve the weekends from blogging about other topics, though I make sure that these are still related to the main content. This lets me have new ideas for my content.

I write whenever I can, because it’s something I’m passionate about I always try and find the time to at least produce a couple of unique articles every week.

Though I should probably clarify and say that the writing I do is for other sites (rather than my own blog), that and for books and such. :slight_smile:

I blog on weekends it is quite fun to do.

I usually update my personal blog everytime I attend an event, go to places and after a vacation. I love to take photos and place it on my blog so that I can share it to my readers.

yes! most of the time.
however if I have ideas to share I do not wait for weekend before composing it.

I blog whenever I have free time or feel like it. I know there should be a schedule but at the moment I blog whenever I feel like it.