Do You Believe in authenticity of web hosting reviews

One finds lot of reviews sites here and there. I wonder if the one in search of the hosting companies really make use of these reviews and believe in these. Lot is said about these reviews sites being sort of sponsored, affiliate based and not very true.

This is important point i.e. visible sings of authenticity on the review sites, and rightly pointed out, this is rarely visible.

My second host was Hostgator. I stumbled them accidentally from hearing about them here, on SP forums. Did some research and decided to give them a chance. Pretty satisfied with them. So reading reviews is not such a bad thing after all.

If I can judge that the authenticity of it is real, then yes. If not, which is most of the time, no.

and which of the times its Yes.

Most of the time, no!

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Is there any way to retract a vote? I accidentally voted yes. I hit the yes then hit the no and it ended up on the yes somehow. :rolleyes:

I don’t! I am with the same host since 8+ years now and I am very satisfied!
I used to make my own research to help me take the decision while chosing a new host!

I believe the authenticity of most reviews at

Some hosts have a lot of reviews from members with lots of posts, I doubt they spent all that time making many fake accounts.

Indeed, reviews on forums tend to be more credible. I believe that often times you can tell a fake review from a real one just from the wording. There’s a certain “Je ne sais quoi” in them that feels like selling rather than helping. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to blanket my response with a yes or a no. Some reviews are blatant self-promotion, but those usually get weeded out in the well moderated forums.

I agree with the quality. There are some very sharp people there that will see right through nonsense.

As per normal human psyche (to me) one would get out to write every thing when one is in trouble, meaning one would get lot of bad reviews, but spending time to find forums and review site, registering with these and than posting a review in praise of web hosting company… well one would be very good person for that.

i believe authentication is important for web hosting review. it will reduce fake review.

What kind of authentication do you recommend.

What kind of authentication do you recommend.

Domain owners need to prove ownership of this domain.

That is the way the website owner can authenticate the review writer’s credentials. My point however, is the authenticity of the website itself. 99% of the sites which I have seen for reviews are based on affiliate accounts of web hosting companies as such they are promoting business of the web hosting companies and obvious interest in the ones who pay more affiliate amount.

Yes, I believe Hosting reviews. Another interesting question should be, How do you make a decision about ordering a hosting plan?(read a review, word of mouth, the first on Google)

May also include “none of these” and “all of these” also in the choice. One takes lead from all or some of these, however, has to finally rely on his own judgment and requirements.

The reviews at used to be good! I happened to come across a case wherein they have deleted/disabled an account on a particular review.

As per this poles here to date 70% of the people do not believe in reviews.

Personally I feel a review site can be good for users searching a suitable service provider / seller online due to typical nature of the online business wherein the buyer cannot physically verify a number of things. One just have to rely his sixth sense and few other things here and there. A good fraud site can evade online buyer such verifications as well.
I feel the one of the argument for existence / future of online business lies on it ability to retain objectivity and cleanliness to fairly acceptable levels and neat review sites can be help in this regards. I plan to launch one such site yet am at loss if one can maintain neutrality and keep spammers away, while at the same time one would need some kind of revenue needed to set up and maintain such site. The requirement thus seem to get contradictory at times, wherein I feel the webmasters of review sites are biased towards favoring affiliate sites.