Do You Believe Google and Yahoo?

Some click fraud management companies have reported click fraud rates as high as 30%. Of course, the two main players in the pay-per-click industry, Google and Yahoo both dispute those reports as being inaccurate and say their investigations show the ratio of click fraud is much lower.

My question to you is this: Do you believe Google and Yahoo? More importantly, do you still trust pay-per-click advertisng?

David Jackson

That’s true, but I don’t know of any other advertising medium where a 30% fraud ratio would be acceptable to advertisers.

David Jackson

Having managed massive campaigns I can tell you that it’s not the fraud rate that matters first, it’s the ROI. If a campaign has 90% fraud but still turns a 4x return, it’s better than one with 10% fraud returning 2x. Of course as an advertiser I expect my programs to optimize, to investigate, to solve and to credit me for fraud issues but if the traffic converts I’m sticking around.

Some degree of fraud is part of life. In my experience, traffic from Google is quality, so I reject a 30% rate as being the outlier, the risky category, the extreme example. One must also separate true fraud from bored users, people who click an ad twice in a search because they want to get back. But that’s just a side point I’ve noticed from my own research…

You’re kidding, right? Don’t you understand that if you’re starting out with a smaller piece of the pie because of massive fraud, it directly effects your bottom line.

David Jackson

Pay Per Click still remains the best possible way to earn huge money on the internet. Fraud / Scam can be found in every program, fortunately i haven’t found one yet!

I still Trust pay-per-click advertising ,Niche markets are especially suitable for pay per click advertising.The fact that with pay per click advertising you will be able to have a top position for your ads right from the beginning. This will save you a lot of time with your web development. However the disadvantage is that you will need to pay quite a bit for a good position.

With Regards | Raso4u

Yes, ppc can indeed be quite expensive? raso, are you a heavy ppc user? Also, have you experienced any click fraud with your ppc campaigns?

David Jackson