Do Widgets Help with SEO?

For instance, if I were to put a little widget on my main page of my website that shows all my latest Twitter updates… would that be like having my main page updated regularly each time I tweeted? I don’t see how it’s possible because it’s just some code you insert into your website. But I figured I’d ask to make sure. Maybe there is something else that does work? I’m not sure I’m ever going to get myself into blogging. Is that really the only way to keep your static website updated regularly?

i am Working in this field and i don’t think so it really does help.

It’s only worth adding a blog if you have the time and energy to keep it active with regular postings. If you don’t have the time for that, or think you are likely to run out of material after a few weeks, it isn’t worth starting something that you can’t keep up.

Google is not going to be fooled into thinking your site is being constantly refreshed just because you have a Twitter feed on the homepage, if nothing else is changing.

If you have a static website I would highly recommend adding a blog into the site and keep a widget of your recent posts on the home page. Doing this will keep your site updated, but the homepage will still be static. The one thing you will need to do now is add a link from each post to your homepage and also do general link building other places as well.

I have not seen evidence of real time tweets helping SEO. I have friends that do it, and whenever I test that, nothing shows in the serps.