Do we really need io.js over node.js?

There is a great buzz about io.js using latest V8 JS engine with ECMASCRIPT 6 features. It seems it will overtake the popularity of node.js. What do you think guys?

The point of IO.js was to get Joyent off their butts and start accepting things that needed to be accepted. I honestly don’t think it’s intention is to be a complete fork, but more of “Look, you need to stop wasting time and keep up with technology. If you don’t, then we’ll just do it ourselves”

So far, it looks like they are succeeding:

I actually haven’t read any reactions to this yet, but it could be good or bad. I mean, it does have IBM, PayPal, and Microsoft on the board. None of which are really known to be cutting edge and of questionable ethics. But on the other hand, they are some of the most powerful companies in the world.

It sounds great. is that the same reason that the original creator of node.js Ryan Dahl left the company? And where is that dude right now?

No clue. But most of the IO.js team is the same as the Node.js team.
io.js project team

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