Do ugliest web design contests work?


I run a web design /SEO business, and I’m thinking about running an ugliest website design contest in my area.

My goal is to get leads and general exposure to my business.

Here are a few questions for those who have ran or participated in a ugliest website contest before:

  1. Was the contest profitable for you? I know it costs money to publicize, then create the site itself, but in the end, did you get any real customers resulting from the publicity?

  2. Did you attract customers that became actually wanted to but services from you, or were they all people lookig for freebies?

  3. How long did you run it and how many entries did you get?

  4. Do you have any other tips on making sure the contest is successful?

Any other tips or advice you have would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

I think you will be the first to try it out so good luck…

You can build a brand of yours ofcourse. Although i’m not sure about the clients which you can make out of it. But its a good and creative way of going about advertising. It also depends on how well you publicize your contest and how well you design the theme for the content. More the participants more is the chance of success!

Concerning the type of potential clients that you should try to reach, I am sure that a contest like this could be interesting for local companies in your your area. There should still be a number of local entrepreneurs who don’t own a website, so it would be best if you were able to attract these businesses.

The contest should also be informative enough; if some of them do not have a website because they are scared of not knowing what to do, or what to ask to a web design company like yours, then you might get to gather a lot of new attention for your company.

It would be the first time I hear about an ugliest website contest. I hope you plan to make it entertaining too!

No offense, but but if you need to resort to running contests, prizedraws and advertising in order to get clients for seo advice, you don’t seem to be very good at getting your own site to rank well. First test anyone with half a brain would do for a seocompany choice, is check how well the company ranks for its own product i.e. seo. I wouldn’t ask a guy in a Lada advice ono how to get rich.