Do they provide food for passengers who are travelling in ship?

I’m planning to go to Andaman by ship so can u please tell me about ship i.e. (me going alone)

  1. Are there single cabins available or not?
  2. Do deluxe cabin will be given to one person or I have to share with stranger?
  3. I need to take food or they will provide food for us?

Are there any Restoration, shops, etc to buy food or they will provide food. (Chennai to Andaman)
Note: I’m talking about NICOBAR SHIP…Chennai to Andaman…of this month (Jan, 2013) may be 15th!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that we have that kind of information. This is a web development forum which is not very related to travelling information. :wink:

You may want to contact the shipping company directly or a travel agency