Do the search engines give priority to listings?

Does anyone know if Google and Yahoo give kudos to sites that are listed with

I have just noticed that with my keywords most of the results are those that are listed with

It depends on a lot of factor such as content, domain age, and high pr relevant backlinks. is just one high pr backlink

what are other high pr backlink sites?

There are a lot out there. I assume your looking for the directory links? Just Google DoFollow Directories :wink:

I think SE’s give priority to a site which have a good reputation & domain age.
I guess special site with .edu and .gov are already in their priority list…

Will do. Thanks!

Businessdotcom and Yahoo directory are often quoted as must haves for “Trust” factor which Google likes. Paid link though - strange??? Touch of hypocrisy?

I think the last comment is probably right, im pretty sure it doesnt give any more kudos than any other site, although its probably a good strong link to have therefore helping a lot of sites appear high up on serps !


Interesting. Do you feel the same way with Or does have more pull?

Maybe because .com have already been establish unlike any others. But still, depends on how you work hard on your site so it can be on top rankings despite of what domain name you have… :wink:

I doubt there’s any special priority to the site over any others of a similar size & ranking. :slight_smile:

No they are not - the importance and trust given to a site are dependent entirely on the content of the site and the links to that site and not on the domain name at all. The top level domain is completely ignored except when producing country specific results.

It has something to do with site reputation. Google gives priority to authority sites like

I definitely agree on this. Importance and trust is really not measured by the domain name itself. If that is the only thing the SEs consider, then everyone would get a good domain name for sure. :wink:

Just curious about this topic and you have all given great info. The bottom line is those who rank ahead of me in my keywords all have listings in DMOZ, Bizdotcom and BOTW. Maybe just coincidence? has PR 7 and about 90000 indexed pages in Google. Backlinks from any such site should result in higher rank for you pages.

It’s not the PR of the homepage or the number of pages indexed that help you get higher rankings.

It is true but pr 7 homepage means that it sub pages will also have good PR. And backlinks from these pages will definitely help to get higher ranking.

From the sounds of things I need to get listed in businessdotcom. Kinda pricey though, a couple hundo a year?

Are there any discount codes that might help?

Let’s remember how google works and how works. is a major brand and has a tremendous amount of reach which means many links coming in and many people working to optimize it for different business categories. As a result when links to a site it’s a relevant link from a well indexed page. That’s weight.

I don’t see any reason to believe there’s any special weight given to them through their affiliations or an ad deal but merely the impact you’d expect to see from a directory with a lot of weight its self.

Also consider that many of the sites that advertise with them are also spending on their own campaigns and thus would be more likely to rank well than sites not spending on media or seo.