Do the majority of the world's population not know what google is?

Do the majority of the world’s population not know what google is?

I was just thinking about the digital divide and if there are more people in poverty than rich, initially I thought of twitter as an example that may illustrate this point but seeing as a lot of people in the US and UK don’t have a clue what twitter is I thought it was a bad example!
So to answer my own question I would say that the answer is yes, the majority of the world’s population do not know what google is? Am I right?

i just asked them, and here are the results

know what google is: 2,453,768,231

don’t know what google is: 4,158,356,937

of course, both of these numbers were accurate only at the time i took the poll, and the second number is increasing much more rapidly than the first, with all the newborns being added every minute…

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: that is really messed up- although it means that google’s internet dominance is not assured for better or worse. But so that is quite a sobering thought- the majority of people living on this earth have no clue what the internet is ?


Wow is all I can say. Let’s hope reincarnation doesn’t exist then - I don’t like my odds :wink:

Informative generally about public internet awareness:

That movies makes me want to cry :frowning:

Not everybody has internet connections…

No not at all inspite of rapid spread of computers.

I think we should not include the no. of infants, because they know nothing. And for any website this would be the maximum number. Because one who know about net also know about Google.

What’re the numbers now? Can you ask everyone again? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, i’m too busy at the moment