Do someone guidleline me about Web-design?

I have previously worked on language. I found that people feel I can do UI kind of work better then back-end programming. I started Playing with PHP but it’s not something I can easily play with.

I found Javascript & bootstrap (Twitter) is more interesting for work with.I am doing JS , jQuery and Bootstrap kind of work from last year. I want to know how I can increase my skill so I can compete with people.

When I work with bootstrap I don’t do responsive design and other people do. Most of people move to other because of this same reason. Now I feel doing front-end work is better then doing PHP, Wordpress.

I want to get paid very few/months and want to love what I do (I already doing coding). I want to know what should I do for make my career better.

  1. Wordprss, PHP :- I can’t programmer better and this is suggested by many people. people told me to do focus on UI work better then something else.

  2. Front-end kind of work :- I want to get skill in front-end work. I haven’t done anything in responsive web. I want to learn front-end work. I want to grow my skill to make me best.

I have no good skill and don’t have good funds. I want to do work to make money. My motive is doing something to learn and help people on their work. The big problem I have is my skill is not good.

I have made many good sites. Someone please help me to grow my career.


First of all never ever underestimate you, always stay ahead one point! You seem to be hardworking, and try to work with some people instead of working alone, its better to contact a web designer who can design and you can then code the website accordingly… Now a days wordpress is very popular so you can learn it and move forward in this!

the only things i can advice is :

1- Be organized
2- First Question to Ask : How do web users (Customers, Clients) think?
3- Remove distractions : The Web designers are constantly surrounded by distractions. Twitter, Facebook, email, the telephone and indeed the web itself are constant distractions that prevent us from getting stuff done.
4- Find your focus
5- Consider outsourcing
6- Recycle : When rushing from one task to the next, reinventing the wheel becomes all too easy


It isn’t hard to learn enough PHP to use it in an effective way to build a site that uses a template (or two, or three) for pages, using the PHP to plug in different content into the template. That’s what I do, and it makes it very easy to update a site, and add pages, etc., because you only need to write the code for the template once.

I’d stay away from Word Press. Too many people use it and all those sites look basically the same. Boring! And most are ugly besides. It’s an easy way for people to get into the business, but they are not designers. Besides, it is my experience as a user that the Word Press sites take forever to load. I absolutely hate a Word Press Website. Avoid it!

If you want to make a mark in your area, become a real designer, and learn to code (and sharpen your artistic skills as well) so that you can build unique Websites that don’t look like everybody elses. I say this, but I will tell you that I am barely getting started myself, with only a few Websites under my belt. But I look at the competition, and I see that there are many Websites that have a “sameness” about them. Very little innovation or originality, and, frankly, most of them are just plain UGLY. Too many people in the business who haven’t a clue about art. They write code. Period.

Too much emphasis on “content,” too. Content depends on the purpose of the site. If you are creating a site that is intended to inform on some topic, then yes. Content is king, but not at the expense of good design. Good design should always be kept in mind. There are people here that will argue with me on that, saying that people don’t care if the information is there that they want. Maybe. But that is no excuse for building an ugly Website!

If you are building a business Website, it better look good. You are building a company’s image. More than likely, a company Website is for purposes of advertising the company and it’s products or service, so it should be treated as advertising. That means that the ‘content’ will be intended to sell. You’ll have to become a “copy writer.” “A copywriter is a sales person behind a typewriter.” — Judith Charles, President of Judith K. Charles Creative Communication.

Buy a book on copy writing. Writing copy is a special skill. This has to be learned, or your copy will not do it’s job, and will be full of words and phrases and (as we see too often on the Web) stuffed full of “keywords” aimed at getting the attention of search engines, but doing nothing to attract potential clients. They will quickly leave your page. And, forget the rules you learned in English classes. Short sentences are best. And, it’s okay to begin a sentence with ‘and.’ Or ‘but,’ or ‘because.’

Buy a couple of good books on advertising if you intend to create Websites for businesses. One of my favorites is “Positioning: The battle for your mind” by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

Forget the sounds, the pops, clicks and other annoyances. Those things are for games. Keep things simple and clean. Personally, I think too much animation is an annoyance as well. These are “thumb suckers.”

If you intend to get into the design business, learn the craft and aim to be the best. The Web has too many crappy Websites created by people who write code, but wouldn’t know good design if it slapped them in the face.

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A web designer must be focused on the user’s need at all times - usability, accessibility, user experience and user interaction.