Do social influence websites really work?

Hi all,

I have a doubt regarding social media influencers, such as Klout, Favstarr, Twittercounter, etc. To name a few.
I understand they’re just a way to let you measure your social media stats but do they actually help increase followers and likes?

Thanks for any help!

I’m not familiar with all of the sites you listed but as Klout is a major name let’s start with them… The goal of Klout is to give you a metric on perceived [i.e. data driven] influence as it is derivable from public information rather then the actual impact of connections.

As such klout is an informative tool for basing decisions like who to network with, award a perk too and potentially follow but while it does make some suggestions for building your network [and may suggest you to others via mutual connections] it’s an analytics tool, not a growth tool. The only real drive I could see would be if your score was being used to identify if you should be followed but while I’ve seen some brands using that sort of tactic, it has yet to enter the mainstream following world as a reference point.

Remember, even if you don’t play the game these tools will still rank you.

Like Ted, I am only familiar with Klout. I tried it and I just didn’t like it. To me, it’s just one more thing to check and I really don’t care what it says about my “influence”. I would rather self-judge my influence by the numbers of comments, shares, and likes my posts get.

I have a good experience with social media. Google and other search engine also consider social media links. Social Media is huge plate user plate form like search engine.

In very sort my opinion is social influence website really works.

Yes it really works, but that to it depends upon website or product or services what we are offering.But totally SMO is to improves Brand name of our company. Let try it ans watch out how it will effect to your site. ex: facebook,twitter, linkdln, stumble upon, digg etc.

This thread is neither about SMO or the effectiveness of Social Media platforms. The question is whether or not sites that purport to measure your influence on social media platforms are effective in doing so.

Kradha, if you wish to discuss SMO please do so in the Internet marketing forum. Or social media forum is focused on people not promotion.

Thanks Ted, this was indeed helpful. For some reason i believed these media influencers would help my profile grow… but as you said they are all analytics tools. I’ll have to keep this in mind. I guess in the end it’s all about great content.


My $.02

Google is always weighing in new information in its algorithms in order to separate the spammers from the real people, so while I don’t really pay attention to what my ranking is in these various places, I am confident what I do online and how connected I am will contribute to how popular my content is shortly after posting, vs 2 years down the road.


Just don’t get lost in the Search = Marketing mindset. This forum exists to discuss the ways to engage and publish via social channels but those actions lead to something search does not have: discovery which is why social is so difficult and yet so important. There’s only so many people looking for you…

I understand what you mean. The thing is I have a really hard time targeting the people I wish to reach. Allow me to elaborate, I work with an ad platform that provides excellent service and I want to introduce it in the social media scene as smartly as possible. I really want people to benefit from all the tips and info that we can provide regarding the online world, but I can’t seem to find the way to entice those followers I’m interested in.
I know this is a bit too general a question, but what is actually the easiest way to know what your target followers are looking for? Other than looking at their tweets everyday…?

Thanks for all the help by the way!

Instead of looking at their tweets, keep track of what you are posting that is retweeted and what posts generate comments. That is what you followers want to see from you and if they want to see it, stands to reason that these types of posts will generate other targeted followers as well.

However, commenting and retweeting their tweets will also help you generate new followers. Social Media is give and take. If your aren’t willing to put the time in to interact with others, they will be unwilling to interact with you.

Social Media conclusion always work in very positive manner. Even major search engines like google, bing and yahoo consider it as a well bridge to the users.

social media is very important in these days it helps to increase traffic but its become with good use of social media.

Someone is really believing that people do care about the things happening around their messages on Facebook?
Who is really clicking on links via Facebook to go something to buy an item or a service?

Very few. However, although not clicking on a link to immediately buy something, clicking a link introduces you to a site you might, otherwise, not have known about. I never used to read the New York Times or the Huffington Post, but the depth and perception of the articles they have linked to on Facebook has made me a semi-regular visitor of both sites.

Moreover, using the viral marketing of Social Media helped the Huff Post become an attractive asset for AOL. Instead of buying it, breaking it, and closing it, AOL saw its value and continues to build it. Building a web presence on Social Media also helped writer Andy Borowitz get a gig at the New Yorker, a magazine that paid attention to him because the rest of the world was attentive to his writing.

It also has enormously helped the sales of writer Tom Ryan’s book “Following Atticus”. He probably doesn’t get a whole lot of direct sales from clicks, but those clicks introduce him to a national and International community better than any author PR agency could without spending a huge amount of money.

Tools like Twittercounter can help show you how fast your Twitter base grows and what behaviors you were exhibiting at the time to get growth: tweeting about certain topics, tweeting with more frequency, replying to your current followers etc. Not sure whether it is helpful, but Klout seems to be the most popular