Do people trust online forms?

I have a client that has an ineffective way of collecting information. Right now, customers download a document from the site, fill it out, and email it.

I was considering changing this to an online form, so people can directly send information.

Some of this information is private, like insurance numbers. I’m running SSL, and the form itself is secure.

Do you think people will trust this new form to send data? I don’t want to change systems and have it not work out. However, I think it could really help the business by making it easier for customers.

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Could it be possible to offer the current download and email form for those who are not comfortable with the new online form?

I believe that such a measure can help ensure that their data is well taken care of and make them more willing to use the convenient online form.


Generally people trust online forms. I mean you probably implicitly trusted the sitepoint register form to create your account here right?

What you need to focus on is building trust with users by showing them everything they expect to see from a trustworthy site.

  1. SSL enabled - lock icon in the URL address bar (which you said you have, so that is good)
  2. Clear view of your logo, company name, maybe some contact info (a phone number or something they could use to verify you are a business)
  3. Clearly state the privacy policy and terms of use. Make sure that privacy policy is well written and run by a lawyer so that it is professional and within reason. Make sure it clearly states how their data will be used and what steps you would take if data was ever breached.
  4. A clear path for handling GDPR so that users know that their data could be erased and how long their data might be kept.

Generally people trust sites that show trustworthiness. Be clear and up front with users, show that you take security seriously and make sure you show all the symbols and signs that show security (like the lock icon). Make sure to offer ways for users to double check who you are if they are still unsure. :slight_smile:


Is there a service that can handle all of this?

Ideally, the person would just fill out the form on a trustworthy site, and it would send it to my client (through email, or some other method).

Well… I don’t think it is that hard, but if you are wanting a service that can help with some of this, I suggest you look at something like wufoo. You can build forms on their platform and then just embed it into a page etc.

It is pretty easy to build forms and such for novices. But honestly if your site has a SSL lock icon and you have proper labeling on the page, most people trust the form if they trust your business.

Oh and btw, just give up the idea of sending data via email if you are going to be dealing in any sensitive info. Email is not secure.

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Initially I was going to use WPForms:

Do you think I should use that, or should I have the client spend money and get a service like Wufoo?

The WPForms would be SSL enabled and the site itself is trustworthy. I don’t have a privacy policy or any input from a lawyer. I also don’t know anything about handling user data.

EDIT: I should have mentioned this is for a Wordpress site!

It looks like I’ll go with Wufoo. They have a free plan and a plugin for Wordpress.

Is Wufoo secure enough without Field Encryption? I can’t afford the more expensive plans.

It says Field Encryption “adds an extra layer of security”.

Trying to do sensitive data handling on the cheap is never a good idea. I would say that for most data it is fine to go without. The only thing that has me a bit nervous is that you mentioned insurance numbers which are pretty sensitive. If you are going to be dealing with things like phone numbers, names, emails and such I would say you don’t need the field encryption.


Thanks for all of your advice. It turns out, the client wants to keep the old system because they are doing well with it. All of this knowledge is good though, for the future!


The system about a form set up within a website page is a professional thinking. Because there have huge peoples who will not like to anything download from a website. So you can add a form within a website page and you can keep the insurance number save and secured within the form directory. So there will be no trouble if any one does not see another one insurance number.

Let this be a warning to you:

There is no such thing as a secure site. I know you are no longer going to do this, but readers should think twice before attempting security on the cheap.

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