Do Not Buy Alstrasoft Products

I was not aware of this form and the coments posted about Alstrasoft. With out knowing this I made a great mistake.

Alstrasoft clone acripts to be true are full of bugs.

I purchased their e-friends and video share with my mistake of not researching about the company fully.

They are very good trying for a sale. but their scripts are really full of bugs. I have never come across such a worst company and worse scripts being sold for such a huge price.

Script is so very basic and kiddish that it will not support any large scale. Also it is with full of Bugs.

Their scripts never work with the read me instruction given by them. Alstrasoft makes it in such a way that it does not work and finally try make us aske for installation.

Totally no email support reply and no phone support, coz they are fake.

The toll free number is US number and they are in Singapore, faking the market to have a US brand sale.

US must BAN Alstrasoft from Faking the US and the world market.

I am not sure on where to make a complaint about this company as they are F****g worse in their support service and product supplied.

I had a very terrible experience with Alstrasoft and still my site does not work properly.

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P.S: Do not waste your money in buying any of the Alstrasoft Products

Hi… thanks for sharing man. I live in Singapore and its good that ppl shd be aware of these type of shady companies. The company site looks legit…but i guess cant judge it by its cover… nonetheless i believe shoddy companies shd be given the death sentence for making other honest and decent companies suffer…

Anyways,normally for consumer complaints or feedbacks we’ll filter over to CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore) - thy’re the government watchdog for consumer wellbeing,so to say. maybe you can check it out there and see if they can take any actions.

Thanks for the info.

One real problem is they did not give their contact information in their website as singapore based or US based.

Also Their privacy policy refers US Law in one of their statements with a US Toll Fre NUmber. So its a bit tricky to file case against them in singapore. But for sure they operate in Singapore. How do you think this case can be handled?

Also this issue is being discussed in the site point for less than 2 years about Alstrasoft Scam. had already banned them from selling products.

Lets find a solution,


If that’s the case, then going to CASE isnt gonna do much good - unless the origin is confirmed. And since its Privacy states US law, then perhaps lawfully its within US jurisdiction.

On the other hand,perhaps we can delve a little deeper…

Since we cant get any info from the generic Whois portal, I went straight to the Registrar of the website - ENOM.

Went into ENOM’s Whois and lo and behold… this is what I get…

Seems like they are using WhoIsGuard which masks their information.

Anyway, perhaps what you can do is file a complain @ Enom -

Maybe that’ll trigger some attention and perhaps with the many support from users-alike, can at least put some dent to Alstrasoft and help others before they are cheated on a botch application.

I’d never use any of their products before, but reading up the thread (which u posted) makes me tick as well… i’d previously paid for a “really cheap” domain name, but in the end it got some hidden charges after I paid for it. The fact is, these unscrupulous sellers are all not being transparent upfront.

hope this helps in a way or two…

They market their products so well and give off a professional appearance at first glance. I’m surprised to hear such a review, but also thankful that I caught it today, as I was planning on buying one of their scripts in the next few days.

Originally Posted by TopShelfSEO View Post
The customer in this thread would most likely know:…?showtopic=821

The reason why the customer did not get reply and support from and for the video script is,

both the companies are same, and was formed by alstrasoft to bring an alternative to market as their image was completely spoiled.

So How do I say this?
If you want the answer,

  1. Just read the terms and condition (EULA) Licence agreement in and EULA they are 100% same, except replacing the company name. If you cannot find one PM me or any one why purchased the script from these 2 companies and verify it. If needed I will post in here, which I dont think I violate any law, as no where it says the EULA must be kept confidential between the company and the client.

  2. Compare the video script sold by them, they are just having only the template changed and the clip-share does not allow you view the demo of their admin page.

  3. Both of them use SWREG for payment, ( This cannot be taken much but even this plays a major role in comparison)

  4. Both of then has no contact address given in their website.

Lets discover more internet script scams by Great Alstrasoft scammer.

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Type “Altrasoft Products” into Google… This thread is second!

lol~~~still at the second place now.

wow. more Alstrasoft haters.

Feel free to post your reviews here also:

its not much, but a start I guess. :slight_smile:

Interesting, as they LOOK like some handy scripts. I was particularly interested in the Paypal type thing, as I wish to offer an escrow service on my site. Anyone know of a good one? I’d best start a new thread…

It would be interesting to see what Astralsof has to say. I used to hear more about them that I do these days.

LOL… It’s 1st now!!! -

They will say nothing, they are scum suckers, bottom feeding low life fraud scam artists. When does a coward ever respond? It’s like asking Bin Laden for a refund on supporting his war effort with Russia. Alstrasoft is BAD, stay clear.

You can actually find some of the programers who made some of their scripts in the popular Freelance Sites. They often have an up to date version of the script at a lower price.

We’ve been scammed to by them for the grouponclone which is actually not even theirs

If you want to setup a Groupon clone script, please read this… Please never buy from Alstrasoft, it’s operated by a cheat by the name of John Goh, aka Mr. Goh Kai Wei (<snip/>) from Singapoe!! Alstrasoft appears to look like an American company, but once you’ve bought the software, the guy will refuse to help you, because the script does not even belong to him. Alstrasoft is just there to cheat innocent people.

I know it, because i’ve just been cheated by him. :mad:

I just purchased the Groupon clone from you know who.

The 1-888 number - does not work.
No response from emails.
No response from ‘help ticklets’.
No step-by-step manual ( for us non-IT professionals ).- as stated via web site and demo.

So what I have is a bill for $ 178:

I have a bunch of PHP files uploaded to my yahoo hosting, that won’t do anything.

Thanks goodness for Visa - I will be rejecting this purchase for sure.

:mad: - as well

Thanks guys i was planning to start groupon type website in few days but now i have to search again for the new vendor .

i have just bought the groupon clone from alstrasoft :S
i feel so stupid for missing to check the reputation of this company.
it is so hard to contact the guy with a name(probably fake name) John Ross
and there is no user manual to follow
the guy responds so fast before you paid
after u paid disappeared

can anyone please tell me how did they solve this?
and can i retrieve the payment made by VISA?
this is a nightmare

Yes you can ask for a chargeback via Visa. These type of scam artists should have all of their Visa privileges removed. Keep track of the email messages that you send that are not responded to. Ask for a refund. Then contact Visa and ask for a chargeback. They will ask for proof that you attempted to contact and have the problem fixed. These type of problems happen all the time and Visa will not be surprised.