Do most people have more than one browser installed?


Common sense would suggest at least two and here’s the reason.
I mean for their computer regardless of PC or Mac, one is by default, IE for PC and Safari for Mac, and another, just in case some app works decidedly better with one modern browser…

And I’m talking about computer users at least 15 years old…

And we know that the browser market share info can’t accurately answer this question, a HUGE survey focusing on this question would help, what do you think?


Hey knowledgenotebk;

I have 6 browsers on my Windows installation: “Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE and Songbird”. I also rank them in this order. This is so for testing purposes. For my normal internet browsing I have Firefox and Konqueror installed on Ubuntu.

I think the best way to accurately conduct a survey like this is to target specific user groups ie: web developers, office workers, teachers etc. That way you can take into consideration specific exceptions for example:

A web developer may use the major browsers to test content and analyze specific problems but in his spare time may wisely use Firefox all day.
Thats just opinion though.


I’m not surprised you have 6 browsers installed as a developer. The thing is, my target customers are mostly students, and I know a lot of them use Firefox and probably a lot of them use Chrome… but I’m looking for a way to get an accurate info about that, I’ve created a survey for just 2 questions, not sure if it can spread to gather such basic data and to share with all…

Are you conducting this survey online or offline? Maybe some more questions so that they don’t just respond with whatever comes to mind? It sound like a good idea as a developer you always want to ensure your sites attract its target audience. But no one likes a site that’s browser specific.

Yeah, online, and here’s its URL,

I like your idea of giving ppl incentive to spend 5 seconds to answer the two questions but I don’t like to add more questions or ppl may feel taking up too much of their time. Thanks.

One browser. If I have to test in different browsers a web site, I do that in one of the many other tools available.

I have answered your survey. Hope it is still on-time :slight_smile:

Your welcome I see the results are fairly close. @SiberianHuskey are you speaking about tools like browsershots? I like tinkering with new software so the more browsers the merrier for me. :slight_smile:

Yes I was, BrowserShots, Adobe etc.

Thanks, pls spread the word, the more data we have the better / more accurate info we all will have.

“I like tinkering with new software”, metasansana, on that point, if you have Firefox or Safari installed you should definitely check out the demo app (back out of the survey).



Thanks for the response. But why not test a web app or a site using major browsers directly because that’ most accurate or else substitute? just my humble opinion.

Since I do web development, I’m running more than one browser. I’m on XP with Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Opera, IE8, and Safari. I also have IETester for testing things in IE quickly and virtual machines running for testing in a real versions of IE6, IE7, and IE8. Those VMs also have alternate versions of Firefox.

Same as me. I do web development so. Have them all installed and also run vmware to access IE installs.

Thanks for the input. Please forward the browser stat tiny app URL to as many ppl as possible.

Thanks. Please spread a word about the browser stat collection tiny app (see URL in the OP).

Seems interesting I’m giving it a look. Cheers!

That would be great. Btw, a beta version for a much simplified version (sort of like the demo app / teaser will be out soon…

I think most people do have more than 1 browser. I myself have 3 right now-IE,
firefox and Chrome. Keep using each in turn, mostly tend to use firefox though…

I think most people do have more than 1 browser. I myself have 3 right now-IE,
firefox and Chrome. Keep using each in turn, mostly tend to use firefox though…

I only have 1.