Do low volume keywords affect Quality Score?

Hi, I have my campaigns and Ad Groups set up and running for a few weeks now. I used the Search Query Report to highlight any keywords Im missing out on. Its highlighted a couple of very niche keywords - which Ive now added to my Ad Group. In my Keywords list, it says “Low search volume” next to the new keywords. Does this affect my Quality Score? Should I delete these niche keywords? They are highly relevant to me, but I dont want these affecting the Quality Score of my existing AdGroups/Campaigns.
Also - Ive paused a campaign. Ill be pausing this until next year (its to do with christmas). Does a paused campaign/AdGroup/Keyword negatively affect my QS?
Any suggestions would be great.

I don’t think so. As long as those keywords are as relevant to your landing pages as the others, it shouldn’t matter how much search volume they get. I’ve also paused campaigns for a long time and resumed them without noticing any issues.

Having low volume keywords is not a negative unless those keywords are individually performing poorly or unrelated to the larger set. Ideally your campaigns should be setup to group similar words – big and small together. If there are certain terrible performers you want to break them out so they don’t drag down the larger group.

Thanks. I found this thread which people may fnd useful:

The only keywords that affect your overall account Quality Score are the ones with really low CTR

That’s not entirely true – a keyword that isn’t relevative to the group or the page can also have an impact.