Do link building tools really work?

Since this is the SEO section, I would like ask if link building tools actually work, I am fairly new to the world of SEO(around 2 weeks) so I may be missing something here, but to clarify.

In the process of link building, it’s usually a 3 step process for building a reliable and high quality link network.

1.Number of sites linking to your domain (Links)
2.The authority of sites linking to you (Trust)
3.The anchor text of the links linking to you (Relevance)

And although link-building tools pretty much complete step 1 without any effort, isn’t it a problem if step 2 and 3 get messed up?
Wouldn’t it do more harm than good if lots of spammy(assuming) websites link to your website with irrelevant content completely unrelated to yours?

I have read a post a user of this forum posted on one of the threads here, it was like shedding some light to the reality of things, and he had the same opinion as I did.

But due to the number of users giving positive feedbacks regarding the use of link-building tools, I am forced to cast a benefit of doubt towards it’s usage and effectiveness.

So my question is.

1.Do these tools really work?
2.Do they improve your rankings in the SERPS?
3.Do they provide long lasting results?
4.And most of all, do they do more harm than good? or otherwise?

I’ve never used them, but presumably they do in the short term, or nobody would use them.

Again, they may well do in the short term.

No. Just look around the forums at the number of members posting because their site have suddenly dropped in the rankings, and see how many of these had previously been engaged in large-scale link building, either automated or manual.

The use of automated link building systems is specifically mentioned in Google’s guidelines as a reason why your site might incur a penalty:

Again, you need only look around the forums to realise that avoiding a penalty is much easier than recovering from one.

So yes - there will always be people who advocate the use of these services, despite the fact that while there may be short-term gains, the long-term effects will be negative. For some reason, they all seem to think they can somehow outsmart the search engines and “it will never happen to me”. Then when it does, they’re here looking for solutions and more quick fixes. :rolleyes:

sigh right, as I’ve thought, it just seems to me that a lot of people are using it, and there’s always hindsight bias about how it works and how it’s so effective, I had to look for answers, now that it’s cleared up, I think it would be best to avoid these tools.

I agree.

(Just because lots of people do something doesn’t make it right, or even sensible. ;))

with every google update, they get better at deciding relevancy and natural links. To me it doesn’t make sense to use a tool that may create a bunch of low-quality links. A short term gain at best, in fact you may even get a penalty with future updates. I would concentrate on relevant original content, content, and more content.


In today SEO? No!

Well, it probably worked great before when Google did not yet have those algorithm updates. Now, I’m just using Scrapebox for research and data mining. :slight_smile:

It seems we’re all in agreement here.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.