Do Image Optimization really effective?

I am thinking of new strategy to make for my clients, do really image optimation effective? Like in blogs and social media who accept html.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, image optimization is very effective and I can say that again–as one of my site which is focusing global market, I placed my country name in ALT tag of my logo (which is same on every page), and guess what, when I write “web design country-name” my site appears in SERPs.

Hope this helps.

Everything works, it all adds up, some things are more effective than others. Links and original content are the key. Set your clients apart for the pack and you will find success.

Image Alts can help you receiving good traffic but keep in mind that over optimization using Image alts always penalizes Websites, so keep in mind the spam factor, try to make image alts more descriptive rather then just stuffing them with keywords

Image optimization is very effective part. Place keywords in the alt tags of the images used in your web-pages.

I think optimization really helps and also effective if you want to rank well on SERPs and if you want to target more visitors to your blog.

There is no such thing as an ALT “tag”.

It’s an “attribute”.

Image Optimization helps in the following respects:
Size: smaller images make for better load times = good
Cookies: serving images from cookie-less domains is better for load times = good
Alt Attribute: labeling images for search engines and non-visual browsers = good
Sprites: combining reused images into a single sprite is better for load times = good

This is only the start…

I have some referrals from and I must say it does help in sending you some targeted traffic =)

Yes, alt tags on images is effective indeed. And you should know that already since your signature is offering SEO services.

Ya image optimization also effective.

In order to optimise images you need to a text link to your image using the “alt” tag.

You offer SEO & internet marketing yet you don’t know this??

afaik it is effective, because at least google will give your site a penalty if your site loads slowly. And by optimizing your images less downloading is needed, which makes your website load faster.
This is beneficial for visitors as well, as they also have to wait a little less before your page is loaded.