Do I need to upload Dreamweaver's Library?

Hi all,
Do I need to upload Dreamweaver’s Library folder to my server? I would think so, but when I upload the pages the library items still change even though I don’t upload Dreamweawver’s library. I’m confused. I don’t find the library files in Images.
Thanks for your help.

I’ve only used this feature once (for the sake of a designer who wanted to use it) but there was no need to upload anything. If I remember, you link to the library items in the pages, and during upload, Dw pulls in whatever info it needs and uploads that too.

Library items are like a combination of templates and server side includes, though they function more like mini templates for small sections of code. Your html files are physically updated with the new data when you change a library item, just like when you update a template, and also like templates, are not necessary for your site to function on the server.

However, both template and library items are necessary workflow components if you are working alongside another developer or are using another Adobe program (say Contribute). Otherwise, it is your decision if you want those files to be accessible on the server or not.