Do i need to optimise every page in our website?

Do i need to optimise every page in our website?

Optimize how? Without any further context the question doesn’t make sense.

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yes you have to optimize every page. You need to optimize according to search engines’ quality guidelines. First you need to know google quality guidelines.

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Of course, you should optimize every page! If not, Google won’t trust your website and as a result, won’t rank it. Google guidelines have all the information needed.

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im kinda new to SEO. i want my website to rank in Google. but if i have lots of sub pages, do i need to optimise each page?

The best way to have your website rank well is for your content to be relevant and worth while.

Other than that, I would have a read of Googles SEO Starter Guide. Follow the best practices listed in that and you should be able to rank decently if you have chosen your keywords well.


Thanks mate! will read it and learn from it.

There seems to be a common misconception that a site will rank well on search engines, or not rank well or search engines, but that isn’t how search works.

Search engines attempt to return the best possible results for the search query entered, so each page on your site is considered separately and judged on its relevance to a particular query. You might have a site about pets, and find your page about tortoises ranks very highly. On the other hand, your page about dogs doesn’t do nearly as well. That might be because the content is less good, or because there are a lot more sites competing with yours. The point is, search engines consider each page separately, so you need to do the same. Yes, they will take into account the overall quality and content of the site, but that’s only one factor in ranking.

You might find this video helpul:


Yes. please optimize every page so that more and more people will find your content and the ranking of your site will grow.

Google is about content, and SEO is more and more about marketing!! Optimizing is important of course. So please optimize all your website pages.

Optimising your website for a more audience friendly presentation will definitely increase its visit rates and thus make your SEO efforts pay off.