Do I need Drupal?

I have been writing pages with CSS, XHTML, etc. and have been getting more and more into PHP and MySQL. All of my books have info on writing my own CMS (including my SitePoint PHP and MySQL book). Do I need to use something like Drupal? and is that cheaping out on building my own skill set?

Advice will be much appreciated!


You don’t need Drupal and I do think that if you want to build a skillset as a web developer, you should write your own CMS before using someone else’s. It’s good experience to have.

I think you need to learn PHP first and then you can move onto any CMS like Joomla OR Drupal.

I think that it depends on your objectives and your spare time.
If you have time to write your own cms, then go on! It will be a great experience.
But if you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel, and you need a cms quickly. You can use existing ones and learn from the work of other people.

Definitely work on building your own skills. If you can create your own CMS it will help you go far. Working with Drupal, Joomla etc will slow your learning curve.

I really appreciate all of your responses. I feel like I’d just be learning another software package when I’d rather be teaching myself onward.

But,… I’ve seen so many posts regarding Drupal, etc. where forums, photo galleries, polls, blogs, etc. are part of one package. It will take me longer to do my own, but it would be mine.

I’m going to keep plugging away!



I’d say it depends on what you are planning to do, creating websites for others? Getting a job with these skills? Building your own websites?

Good question!

I have a few websites of my own, but I primarily work and volunteer for organizations and a few small businesses. The largest organization would like to move to online registration, forums and a simple payment option sometime this year.

I hope that makes it more clear. Thanks for your post.