Do I need an Artist & a Flash Designer or are they the same?

Sorry the title might be a big confusing. When you look a lot of the modern E-Cards out there, that are well done and presented in Flash, was that art work that was transferred to someone proficient in Flash or is it designed and converted to Flash generally by the same person?

Use a E-Card like this for example

A good Flash Designer would know the code need to add a decent amount of user interactivity . However I’d recommend giving that designer a test run before you hire one . Flash takes quite some time to master and there are a lot of people claiming years and years of experience when they barely know how to draw in flash let alone animate . For a e-card like that one all you would need is medium skilled designer .

Thanks for the insight. I have had a relatively difficult time finding people that are as qualified as they make their resume sound. I try to get a look at as much of their portfolio as I can to get a feel for their ability, but you really only know what you have when something difficult pops up. I know there a lot of qualified people out there …do takes a bit of effort to find them.

The thing is that most good designers are snatched by a agency or have their own business . The people that come and claim years of experience while displaying only a few projects are talking bull .

Price is also a good measurement tool since anyone that is a professional has the intelligence not to work for peanuts simply because you won’t have money to sustain yourself (let alone a family) if you work for scraps . Also if someone has worked in the business for at least a year he should be aware of the current rates and charge accordingly knowing what the price of his/her work is .

I find it very rare to see a decent designer working for scraps . And when i see one I try to hire him for myself .

So depending on what you want here are some red flags :
“Hello Sir” & robotic English - run like hell , if a person can’t even use English on a decent level what makes you think they can’t master a tricky program like Flash

Doesn’t accept PayPal - Scammer in 99% of the cases .

Can’t provide you with more then 10 good examples of his/her work - newb , decide on the quality . Action Script probably eludes this person .

Other then that a trial run should always be a must . If you are based in the US/Canada , E.U. , Aus/NZ and over 18 you are almost entitled to such a thing since if you would try to scam the designer he could simply call the cops and file a copyright complaint .

I hope this info will help you find the right person .