Do i need a full time seo employee?

Hiring a Full time SEO employee bring you the freedom to focus on enhancing your business. Tasks like article submission,press release and many more done from there end.Give the report of competitor analysis.

it all depends on yourself
if you are a free man and no work than why to waste money on someone
if you work already than hire someone and get extra money from this website stuff

According to me, you don’t hire any seo professional because you can post your project on the odesk or freelance etc. this kind of website and it is easy to find a best seo expert person easy-le.

Please do not use this platform to sell your seo services to me - specially posters from India . I’m experienced and knowledgeable enough to separate wheat from the chaff.

I see the quality of posting here at sitepoint forums going down for a while now with all the ******** marketing and spam…

[FONT=Verdana]I think I’ll agree that this thread has run its course. Sorry if it didn’t give you the answers you were looking for, but it’s become too much of a magnet for spammers and salesmen now.