Do I have use Google Development Console to build progressive web app

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I’ve just learned how to build my first progressive web app from this tutorial:

It suggests that I use Google Developer Console in order to build my first app.

Is this a mandate? (I don’t have one yet.)

Is it possible not to use Google Play Store and use an app I hosted on my own server?

One more question, if I I store my app on Google Play Store or built a progressive web app and hosted on my own, can I still use browser APIs like AudioContext and RequestAnimationFrame and so on?

In case of Google Play Store, I want to mix use of Chrome tcp socket with other browser API. Can I do it?

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I couldn’t see any mention of that in the link you provided, is there a direct link?

Absolutely not, progressives web apps have nothing to do with Google other than their Chrome browser supporting those features.

As far as I know you can’t push a progressive web app to the Google Play store, it’s a web application. If you want to package for a store you may want to look at Cordova.

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Information is very hard to find, sigh…

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