Do I have to check the various formats for audio/video?

I've found an audio mp3 sound for my zombie. It's an mp3 format. Now if I wanted to use the other available audio files (wav, m4a ogg) etc for backup purposes would these audio files(sounds) be already availble on the backup. Or would I have to check each audio file to see if those files have the same audio/sound as my original MP3? Hope this makes sense to anyone reading my question

Link to content: A Beginner's Guide to Learning HTML5 - Section 9

If you only have an MP3 to begin with, you would have to convert that file into the various formats that you want to support.

MP3 is supported by about 99% of browsers. If you wish users of old versions of Opera to be able to hear your zombie then make OGG available. I suggest you use Audacity to convert your MP3 to OGG. These days I would not bother with any other audio file formats.

SamA74 thanks for sharing your advice with me. Much appreciated.

Archibald, Thanks for this valuable advice tip. I will look in Audacity as it’s a software that I am familiar with.