Do I hate PHP? Sure can!

Here we are at the php table. My paid subscription site seems to be working as it should but there may be upcoming issues. My webhost is most un cooperative and good at passing the buck. SentryLogin says it is a hosting server issue. Here is my latest Sentrylogin advice:But keep in mind your 404 error page is still surfacing details that
indicate you have a Mod on your server. So if that ever causes any
issues, just contact your web host.

My question: is the Mod(_Security) a server issue?:rolleyes:

Everything is running OK for now. The error404 is fixed although I don’t know how it was correct 1 day and wrong the next-maybe I bumped it. I’ve since been advise by SentryLoign if one area has the corrected header the others will automatically be running - so I’ll leave it at that for now.

How is bad code the languages fault?

The 404 error had occurred earlier with the image header problem within the Sentrylogin system. So I’m not quite sure if an error is still there or imminent according to Sentrylogin reply. I will have to resubscribe to check if the image is on the “verification” page of Sentrylogin or ask them if it is correct… I’m sure it was missing last time I looked. Yet it is on the application page within the system.:rolleyes:

Sounds like you need to update the content of your 404 page.