Do host only care about new customers?

I have a decent host that always reply ASAP, to tell the truth I haven’t had no issues since I’ve been with them, however it’s almost time for me to renew my hosting, (well feb 2016) I might not be able to renew it then but wanted to right now as I’m able to afford it but they told me they wouldn’t be able to offer me the coupon that saves a decent amount of money and the coupon code is only for new customers…so I asked about a loyalty discount and they haven’t replied, this is the longest I’ve had to wait.

I’ve seen a much better offer, thanks to the sitepoint deal but I wouldn’t have even left them if they had offered me a decent discount, so I was just wondering if this is typical of host to only offer savings to first time clients.

I guess this depends a lot on the host.

We have had no problems negating a lower hosting fee for dedicated servers as they get older with the host we use, both for ourself and our clients.

For shared and cloud hosting it could be harder, but should still be possible to get a discount as a loyal customer. Though how long you have been with the host plays a role I guess. It is different if you have been there for less than a year, or if you have used them for years.

New customer incentives are common place. I don’t think those incentives have any relationship to whether or not the company cares about their current customer base.

Oh ok, the incentives for new customers are often so great, like the current one with dreamhost/sitepoint premium, how does a current host even beat that deal?

By providing better support that justify their higher cost.

In the end, you receive what you pay for. Sometimes you are lucky and have no issues, in these cases you got great value for your money. If you are unlucky and run into issues, this is when you find out if the host is a good one or not.

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