Do anyone know this?

Okei so i want to make a website and i was wondering how to make there window the same?

exampel if you go to there website and press shop they have a small window in the center of their page?

The position never changes its always a window in the middle of their page.

do anyone know how to do this or what i can search for?

From a cursory glance, they’ve just made their content a fixed height, with a rather large margin in their header.

Not sure how that would play out on mobile, but i suppose they’ve got some media queries to present a different look on mobile.

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I showed you how to centre properly in your other thread. :slight_smile: The code I gave you was centred in the window at any size. The code from your link is a mix mash of magic numbers and old techniques and I would steer well clear from it.)

The image you show above is just a fixed width and height element in the centre of the window with overflow set to allow the inner content to scroll.

If you use the fixed width version then you would need media queries for small screen as obviously they are smaller than the fixed width stipulated. I used percentages in my demo.

You keep using that website as a reference but its not a very accessible website and uses a lot of bad practices. Indeed it keeps crashing for me.

I would urge you to take a course on flexbox/css and then you can make your own designs at will. We can help you with CSS/flexbox and layout issues and arrangements but we can’t build a whole site from scratch for you :slight_smile:


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