DMOZ Is King

Heard so many different opinions on this. Here is mine.

It’s the dogs bolloc$$ as far as I can see. Looked at a few sites. They are not optimized for the keywords I am trying to use, they have small number of backlinks, PR3ish

Yet there they pop up on a number of keyword combination’s.

DMOZ has a huge amount of weight, not sure what people say here but I have seen it said so many times that it’s not the be all and end all, which I doubt it is, but it’s gonna give you a huge boost…

Always heard that DMOZ is the power of Google search.
Here are the most trusted sites for it. Surely, those who are registered there, has a higher score than the others with no entries.
However, no use of it also just depends.

Heard it too, but is here someone with personal experience?

All my sites that are not in DMOZ do fine. All my sites that are in DMOZ do fine.

A link from DMOZ is just another good link, nothing more. Its not a magic bullet. If you do not get listed, the world won’t end. If you do get listed, then you won;t race to teh top of teh rankings.

If your site is being beaten by a site with a listing in DMOZ, then:

  1. Look for other reasons for the site ranking well
  2. You are doing a crap job with your site.

I see a pattern emerging here. Could you create my next site cbp? :smiley:

I also have plenty of sites that are not in dmoz, yet they rank very well. dmoz is not the only place to get a good link from.

thank…wowo its a nice share,…i want list my site in Dmoz…it dificult?

I have also experience about DMOZ listing. I listed my sites there and I was thinking after getting listed their I will get weight to my site but did not get anything. neither traffic nor ranking in SERP.

Care to explain why a number of my sites rank higher than other sites that have DMOZ listings?

Dmoz listing is more important than others listing.It helps website to rank well.

Dmoz is a open source directory and moderated by many quality moderators accross the world. It’s a real hard thing to get a site listed in it but if you have good content and you are lucky enough your site can get listed there.

DMOZ is something you sign up for and forget about it. Probably won’t get in… just get that many more links elsewhere.

I had a personal blog some time ago, I submitted it to DMOZ as well as other web directories, found out I’m listed there few days before I sold the domain. I think DMOZ is myth…it will help just your PR maybe…

If you search, ‘google directory’ it takes you to DMOZ. DMOZ will help with link juice, but it won’t send you tons of traffic. I have seen a test where a single link from DMOZ with anchor text was able to be used put a site into #1.

DMOZ used to play a big role from my experience like 3-5 years ago. Now its just another High PR back link, but you have to remember other services will use the DMOZ database and list your links as well. Will it break or make your SEO, absolutely not, I have seen non DMOZ sites with proper content, high PR have incredible SERP.

DMOZ required totally unique description and the links need to be posted in the correct category.

Really? Can I ask where you got this information from?

Editors rewrite >90% of the descriptions of suggested sites that get listed, so not sure what made you claim that DMOZ requires totally unique descriptions. If a site is suggested to the wrong category, an editor just moves it to the correct one, so not sure what made you claim that the links need to be posted in the correct category.

Sorry if I claimed something wrong, but I’ve just that because the description helps the moderator to understand what the sites all about and if the links are in correct category then it will be accepted quickly.

Yes Dmoz is really king of all directories but it is really quite difficult to listed in the site as it takes lots of time and some times refuse the request also.

Its cool too get in but if you don’t get in I wouldnt stress it. just keep gettin backlinks

DMOZ is a great example of quality link over quantity.