DMCA Content issues

Hi ,

I got a message in my Webmaster tools today that i my page is going to be removed From Google results as Some one has complained about my content in DMCA . what is DMCA . & how to deal with these kind of issues. I haven’t stole any content from any where & i am the owner of the content How to counter that problem . If problem persist what needed to solve this issue.? i have seen on many blogs that people using these “article source from xyz--------” does that help or Google still consider that is a duplicate content .

DMCA stays for a Digital Millennium Copyright Act

This is not about duplicate content but rather about using somebody
else properties without authorization or at the very least proper attribution.

People re-posting stuff from mass media like Routers or Associate Press
all the time and as long they are pointing to source, Google doesn’t have
any problems with that.


So may we include our Backlinks in their included content while re posting their content ?