DIY ecommerce

I am looking for a DIY ecommerce system to suggest to my clients.

What are the best DIY ecommerce systems available?


Like with most things in life, there is no best… there is instead best for a particular use, sometimes.

There are litterally thousands of ecommerce solutions out there so when you’re hunting you have to ask yourself many questions. Here’s a few to start…

Is best one system that you master or a system that is truly most relevant to your client?

Is best a free solution because your clients want cheap or a solution that’s built with conversion in mind so they sell more?

Is best open source that you can develop on or a SaaS model you can have on in minutes?

Is best a generic cart that can really be customized or something more ready made for an industry / particular experience?

Is best standalone or does it have a CMS integration for other projects?

That’s just a few of the questions to consider.

If you can provide more needs / requirements it will be easier for people to give you actual suggestions.

Hi Ted,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I totally agree with what you have mentioned.

I have many different customers that cannot afford my services, so I want to direct them to a DIY eCommerce system that they work.

As you mentioned there are 1000s of DIY ecommerce systems out there and this is why I need some advise where to start.

Are there any DIY eCommerce you can recommend/suggested from experience?
I understand different eCommerce systems cater for different needs, but once I have a list of good DIY eCommerce systems I will then be able to sort through the features to understand which ones will suit certain situations.

There are plenty of open-source and hosted solutions out there that you could suggest to your clients. My recommendations would be Free Webstore or ekmPowershop. I have also heard good things about Create.



You know your customers best, so make an educated guess, which are most suited to them, their level of expertise and their business environment:
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That the thing… You’re trying to get advice on where to start without providing anything to narrow down the field.

People can shoot out their favorite tool but that’s hardly going to be a smart starting place as the suggestions may not even be applicable.

How about listing out a couple must have features, price range and technology type?

I usually encourage starting with a hosted solution such as BigCartel, Goodsie, Magento Go or Shopify. If you are intent on hosting the solution on your own servers, Magento (PHP) is popular and Spree Commerce (Rails) is a strong newer entrant.

thanks for your help.

If anyone else knows of any that also have a good affiliate programs that would be great :slight_smile:

Make sure you check out BigCommerce

It has a tonne of features right out of the box. Plans start from $24.95 a month and this fee includes hosting and support - so you can get started right away without spending a lot of money.

It comes with over 90 free store designs and more are being added with each new release.

We run a web design business and previously used opensource platforms, but after setting up many stores you are stuck with support, maintenance/upgrades and security of these stores. We have found that BigCommerce lets us concentrate on designing a template for their platform, and they look after the client for us with any support related issues.

It’s a great product so at least check out the free trial account on their site and see if you like it!


Ohh P.S Yes they have affiliate programs and partner programs too.