Divscroll javascript cross browser problems

Hi guys! Hoping some bright spark out there is able to help out…

I’m doing a group project at college in which we’re asked to create a corporate identity for a new design consultancy - ours is called “Keen on Kerning”, or “KOK” for short (nice name, eh?).

Our website is suffering a few problems, however.

The first problem involves a cross-browser problem. The website runs as expected in Firefox, but doesn’t work at all in Safari. I’ve not yet had the opportunity to test it in IE. View the below site in Firefox for what it should look like, then view it in Safari for the problem we’d like to fix:


Not only does the “softdivscroll” javascript not work (fails to scroll smoothly between divs on the page), but the hyperlinks do not take you to the correct place on the page.

The second problem is to do with the “lightbox” script used for the portfolio section. The problem is also apparent in Firefox. It works fine if you click the sides of the image to flick between images, but if you use the arrow keys on your keyboard, the whole web page shifts… which is less than ideal.

Is there any way around this? Would a solution be to use another script to disable the use of arrow keys - is that possible, or can anyone think of a better solution?

Thanks very much for your help.

There’s a larger problem with the page, and that’s after the intro, it looks like the background loads and the rest of the page content has been forgotten.

you may wish to look in to the problem of mystery meat navigation. The opposite of this is called affordability.

The rest of the page is accessed by the hidden navigation in the top-left corner image - all the “O” images.

I know that the term “hidden navigation” isn’t exactly the best thing to use on a website, but it’s just a concept/work-in-progress for a college project at the moment. We’re not making something that adhers to all rules and regulations, and it won’t be used as an actual live website for end-users. As I said, it’s just a concept at the moment, and an unfinished one at that.

We are looking for a way to make the navigation more obvious/apparent, whilst sticking with the design and layout we’ve got. I wasn’t aware of the term “mystery meat”, but that link is interesting - we know that’s a problem with the website and are looking at fixing it.

The problem we were having is that what we had done wasn’t working in all browsers (only Firefox). Since having uploaded it to a web server (so that I could post the link on here), it seems it does work as expected in other browsers.

I also found a piece of JavaScript that disables the use of arrow key scrolling in IE/Safari/FF - it just doesn’t work in Opera, but that’s not a problem for this project.

Thanks again for the feedback on the site.