Divs being overlapped on & not resizing properly

I have been trying to put a few divs and place them on the top and footer area of my website but no matter what I do the divs either get positioned improperly or they get buried by other divs.

(This is how i would love for it to be)

(This is what happens when you resize the browser)

I can’t link to the direct website because it is in development. But the theme that I’m using is exactly the same, can be seen here

If possible I would love to put a div on top , I tried that but ended up with this.
>> http://gyazo.com/6173e5691a4b41e63aa017b322f51cd3.png
(take a look at the top , I have an adsense div but it got buried behind the content div)

You could have just waited until I got back on, I told you the reason via the PM :). You jsut set a huge top margin on that pagination element and the entire postiioning scheme is wrong for that site.

Float the boxes and don’t use RP (you don’t need it) and then clear the pagination element.

Avoid inline styles of course, the last time I looked at hte code the page was riddled with it :wink:

Ryan I asked you if you could be more specific as to actual code but you replied with vague answers , Can anyone else help me out with specificity

anyone have any ideas ?