Dividing image into different blocks

I have land plot and I want to divide that into different block size . And when the user of website clicks on it it must show the price value of ha plot . How can this be done https://www.proptiger.com/gallery/meadow-land-layout-plan-677148-886457

Hi niranjanpb08, welcome to the forums!

Is it two things you want to do:
Make a map of the image over the different plots.
Show the price of the plot when the user clicks on a plot.

– It could be done using an html image map defining the plot areas with links pulling in a price details popup on click.

– The image could be overlayed with positioned plot sized links over each plot that show the price details on hover and goes to the plot description/purchase on click.

It is about the same complexity for both options.

There could also be better ways to achieve the two goals. :slight_smile:

For the second option above; here is one good way how this could be done, like in @PaulOB answer to a similar question:

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On a side note, I was thinking on the bottom of the page where you have other projects, the hover effect is too fast, add a transition based on whatever u changed to move the text up as it has a much more feel to it,

sorry for going off topic but I just thought it was worth mentioning :slight_smile:

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