Divers-circle-jpg : where is it?

Has anybody an idea where to find “divers-circle.jpg” which is referred to in Ch.2 p. 49 of Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way 2nd. Ed. The Author says it is in the book’s Code Archive - but it isn’t there. Effort to get help from the Publisher has remained fruitless. I’m stuck! Right at the outset of a rosy career!

It should be in the code archive. Try downloading it again from: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/html2/code.php and when you have opened the downloaded *.zip file do a ‘file search’ in all those folders in that archive for that filename: divers-circle.jpg

Thanks a million. The search shows that this file exists; I have the picture in front of me - but how do I find out WHERE it is?:slight_smile:

Hello there again! OK I’ve found it. It is actually in Chapter 9. But that’s fine; I can create a seperate file for it. You saved my life. Now I can look forward to that great career as a successful Web Developer. :rolleyes::slight_smile:

No problem the SPF forum staff are only volunteers and don’t work for SitePoint but we usually do a good job. :slight_smile: