Dive Into Docker course no longer available

Late in 2019, I was thrilled to see that Nick Janetakis’ course, Dive Into Docker, was available on Sitepoint. Life being what it is, I ended up leaving it for a while. I just tried to pick back up where I left off, but it appears that the course has been removed. Where did it go? Is there any chance that this course will return?

Hi Learnable181, unfortunately we didn’t have adequate volume of usage for the courses, so Nick requested we remove them (they won’t be returning to the SitePoint Premium library, sorry). If you’d like to continue Nick’s courses, you can purchase them directly via his website, or alternatively, if you’re happy to learn docker by another means we have since released a few books on Docker, available here: https://www.sitepoint.com/premium/search?q=docker

Apologies for the inconvenience and disruption to your learning. If you have further questions or need help, please contact our support team at support@sitepoint.com


Okay. Thanks for the explanation. Cheers!

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