Div tags are most important for web designing

Hi there,
I’m a fresher for web designing, I want to know to designing web pages in html with div tag and also css stylesheet…:blush:

Your question is not very clear, but here is a basic setup:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Mice Ite</title>
  [COLOR="#FF0000"]<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen,projection,tv" href="mystyles.css">[/COLOR]



In red, you see link to CSS file. In blue, you see div. :slight_smile:

The idea with XHTML/CSS is to keep structure separate from presentation.

By that I mean, your XHTML builds the structure of the site, and should have semantic meaning. As part of this you can divide up sections of your page using <div>'s.

Your CSS should dictate the presentation, that is - how the site looks. You can define positioning, font-formatting, colours, etc. CSS should be kept in a .css file, separate from XHTML wherever possible.

In header i need to position,
first, an image on the left side width 100px and height 100px
second space of width 380px height 50px,
third menu, it should be in top right side of header its width should be 480px and height 50px,
and the last i need to write some text below space and menu and that should the width 860px and height 50px.

Can any body tel the code for css and for html also…

I’m strongly against straight up giving all the code if you haven’t even attempted it, however… I’ll pseudo code it for you.

The HTML should be as followed (CSS for those elements is in the brackets. For this example I just put the <img>'s in the HTML)

-image (float:left width/height set)
-space (whatever that is??? Float left, width/height set
-menu (float right, width/height)
-text (clear:both, width/height)

Note, I only said to set heights here because I have no idea what you are laying your site out as.

Thanks for your help i’m going to try this…

Is there any other suggestion for this.??

Why do you need another suggestion? Did you try RyanReese’s code and run into a problem? If so, then show us the exact code you’re using - HTML and CSS - and explain your problem with it.

I think you’re problem is that you don’t know CSS and HTML - most likely (from what I can tell), you’re trying to pick up CSS after coming from a table layout (thank goodness!).

If so, then I would recommend reading the book [i]Build Your Own Site The Right Way Using HTML and CSS[/i]. It’s a fantastic book that will help you out to start from scratch.


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