Div tag overlaps with Images and Tables


We are creating HTML webpages with a mix of divs, tables and images however there are overlap issues with other tables we have that contain adsense code. (Adsense code is advertising javascript code that shows ads on websites). This overalapping is occuring with the Adsense ads in a table and and the images on the HTML page or with other tables on the page. Is there anyway where an image or table automatically goes around a div tag?

I have attached the screenshot and the html file so you can test and experiment. I’ve been at it for weeks now and still no fix found yet.

Can anyone provide the answer. I purchased this “HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS, 2nd Edition” but I still can’t find any solution.


Since your attachment isn’t approved as yet may you can post the link to your site

Stop doing things that way. It’s silly and unprofessional.

Can anyone answer my question. We are doing the conversion fro table to divs one step at a time so we want a fix with the current sutuation because we have thousands of pages affected by the issue. Because currently our pages are table based and we would like to change them to div/css based one step at a time starting with the non-content design.

Yes we are converting our pages one by one to divs but can you please kindly provide a solution and not just a comment. What we want to eliminate first is the issue on the overlapping divs and images. I posted samples above for you to experiment if needed.

The fact that you think it’s “tables vs. divs” means that no one can provide a real solution. The solution is for you to understand how and why html and CSS work together. It’s not about tables and divs it’s about valid and semantic markup as a base to apply CSS to.

Until you learn that (lots of info available via google) your dilema has no solution.

I find I quite hard to read from just seeing those screen shots provided. Like I said in Post #2 why not give a link, which makes it easer to see and understand

Slowly moving half-and-half from tabled layouts to non-tabled layouts is probably more difficult and will cost more time and money than simply a sit-down-total-rewrite.

Even at this stage, it might still be a better option. I don’t download zips from forums generally. You can post pure code, and you can have .txt files as attachments. If your CSS files are ginormous, nobody’s going to find one particular cause of overlapping because there’ll be a bazillion causes and then again, fixing them isn’t nearly as productive as just rewriting them. Ideally with minimal code.