Div or tables better?

Dear All,
I am creating a side where on the left hand side I have a number text box,combo box etc which makes the form. On the right hand side I have grid which is made from from table tr and td combination. Overall the whole form and data grid is also stored in a big table. So is this a good method or I must use other method. The problem is now I would like to stored anothe datagrid below my existing datagrid. Any advice?

If you are displaying tabular data put it in a table. If you are creating separate divisions within your page put them in divs. If the page content is something else then put it in theHTML tags that correctly identify what type of content it is.

You then determine how it is all laid out on the screen using CSS.

Fellgall pretty much hit it on the head – HTML is for saying what things are NOT how they appear, so if it’s tabular data, go ahead and use a table… if it’s NOT tabular data then you have no business using a table…

Though we’re guessing wildly without actually seeing the page in question.

Good points here. One thing to add. Make sure you do NOT use nested tables for your data grid.

Nested tables almost never make sense because that implies that one of the pieces of data within your tabular data is itself a table of data.