Div not working?

Hi, i am trying to create a div, pagedesc, and for some reason the things i’m telling the css ie. background-color does not seem to show on my browser, however all my other divs, seem to work fine:


    width: 900px;
    height: 100px;
    border: 1px solid yellow;
    background-color: #80ff00;


<div class="pagedesc">
				       Hi, welcome to my site, here you will be able to see a wide variety of holiday pictures taken while
				       I was in Shanghai 2010 during the Summer holidays. You will also be able to see what it was like in
				   The Shanghai World Expo to places such as Shanghai Financial center.  


Any reason why i’m not even getting my background color?



css .pagedesc is for html <div class=“pagedesc”>, like what css #pagedesc is for html <div id=“pagedesc”>

:wink: not the other way around, or any other way around it.

aah DOH!!! Thanks for that, much apprecaited