DIV getting Cropped off when resize of the browser


Please check this site… <snip/>

and then resize the screen so you can start seeing the scrowbar in the bottom…

If you see the image it gets cropped off when you resize it past its center point…

I would like to get the DIV to stay in the middle or somehow fix this…

I cant use a width to the div because the iner brackbround is large and really dont want to add a width to it…

So how would i be able to keep the DIV with auto width and not get cut off when i resize the screen?? but actually stay in the middle?

Thank you so much for your help in advanced…

Hi ppc3232, welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

One thing you could do is add the line in red to your CSS:

  background:transparent url(background.png) top center;
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  [COLOR="Red"]min-width: 980px[/COLOR];

980px is just a random number, but you get the idea.

thank you so much is now good… that is what i needed… Now a questions… how do i edit the first listing and remove the url of the forum?? i dont want google to find the link later… thank you again…

Easiest way is to click the red flag on the message and ask a moderator to edit the post and remove the link

As Stevie D said, just make a request by clicking the orange flag (in future). I’ve already done it for this time.


Excuse me for butting in but this is an important point that needs to be clarified.:slight_smile:

The short answer is that we don’t edit posts on requests. If you post something then expect it to be available for all of time.:slight_smile:

The long answer is that we realise some people want their links to remain hidden and they forget about this when posting and post the link to their site but don’t obfuscate it in some way.

Therefore we will usually remove links on request on a once only basis but only if it pertains to one or two posts. (We’re not going to search through many threads and delete links for someone as that is not best use of our time.)

There are other reasons we don’t edit posts and that is because the thread then becomes useless to any one else with a similar problem because all the details are not visible.

The main reason is that the forums are public so don’t post anything that you don’t want anyone else to read including search engines. Sitepoint ranks high in the search engines and indeed a post will show up in hours at the top of googles list (and in some cases members like this because their sites go to the top of the list rather than at 50000th :slight_smile: ).

You can of course get around it by obfuscating the link so that it makes no sense to search engines but is obvious to humans.


w w w dot pmob dot co dot uk

Or change some letters if even that is too obvious.

w w w dxt pmxb dxt cx dxt uk (change x to 0)

Then make it known that you don’t want the link or pertinent details disclosed in the forum.

Good points, Paul. In a way, you’d think that the majority of people posting here would have a site of their own where they could post test pages for analysis (which then didn’t disclose the actual site), but it’s amazing how rarely that happens.

I have seen some people use tiny urls for the link - does that clear up the problem - or do spiders follow those links too?

If it does help, what is the best practice for using tiny urls?

I believe that search engines do not index Tiny urls and the final destination would not show up in a search. We allow TinyUrls in posts from established members but would rather another method was used as the final destination is not evident from looking at the link and members would be reluctant to click them (i.e.where are we going now?). We do not allow them in signatures at all though.

The tinyurl is just like any other URL that results in a 301 redirect - search engines will treat it as equivalent to a direct link to the destination page. So no, you are unlikely to ever see a tinyurl in the SERPs, but Googlebot will follow the tinyurl to see where it goes.

(Of course, if you’ve got a short and snappy domain name and control over .htaccess, you can easily create your own "tinyurl"s)