Div + div's h2-font not displaying

Hi - please can anyone see why #comwrap, and #comwrap h2 font, is not displaying here?

Please scroll to bottom of page where you see h2 “Comments - Add Your Thoughts :)”


Do you think it’s too confusing for the eye to have 2 different types of comment boxes (wordpress + facebook) right next to each other?

thanks, Val

You have this invalid id:

 <div id=[B]"comwrap rc20[/B]">

I assume you meant this:

 <div id="comwrap" class="rc20">

IDs are unique and an element can only ever have one ID unlike classes which can be many.

Hi Paul - oh gosh I never thought of that! I knew I could have only one ID on a page but never guessed the logical conclusion…

The good news is that it’s paid off that I decided to go all the way and remove all the old <table>s on every page - not just sandwich an old <table> page between a css header + footer - instead I’m converting the whole page to css

I’ve needed a comments box since google began measuring activity in addition to stickability.

facebook comments box can appear on any ol’ page no matter how old the doctype, so long as you add this to the html tag:

<html xmlns:fb=“http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml”>

AND it can handle comments when a person is not a facebook member although they use a horrible captcha for this where the text is virtually impossible to read.

The neat css in my whole page - no <table>s - makes it so easy for me to edit + write new pages. Basically my entire page is now just this:

<div class=“leafh2”>
<h2>hdr 2</h2></div>

with side-by-side floating images wrapped into their container divs.

I’m about 60% of the way through converting the site, hopefully will be finished by Jan/Feb - so long as the web 2.0 industry stops introducing new stuff all the time!

I think I’ll go back + close every <p> now, I think maybe that’s the only thing that’ll stop me from upgrading the doctype when I’m finished.

The Netscape Composer I was using in old <table>s pages didn’t close them, and wordpress doesn’t have <p> in its html view, so I haven’t been bothering to add </p>'s when converting a page into css, because I thought I was later gonna convert again into wordpress which would drop the <p> anyway.

When I’ve finished the upgrade early next year, perhaps you could take a look at the final version online + see what doctype I can use then…

thanks million for your kind help :slight_smile: - Val

Hi - please do you have any idea why there’s such a big space on the left of these 2 nested comments:


I can’t see any padding or margin in firebug, and there’s nothing in wordpress internal settings. All those comment boxes are controlled by the css.

thanks! - Val

Hi Val

Those comments are nested list items. You could try some negative left margins:

.commentlist li ul.children li.depth-3 {
margin:10px 0 0 -20px;

Hi donboe - thank you! adding -20px to lft margin of depth-2 + depth-3 gives perfect display!