<div class=\\"richtext3\\"><p> THIS IS WORKING BUT IS IT WRONG?

Hi there,

I have designed a form that submits data to PHPMyAdmin table.

When I enter this code:

<div class="richtext3"><p>

then I log in to PHPMyAdmin it then is coded like this:

<div class=\\"richtext3\\"><p>

When I then load the page in a browser it looks fine with the correct formatting. When I click “source” to view the source code it is written like this:

<div class=\\"richtext3\\"><p>

My question is, should I manually delete these \ or not?

May be you know why it adds these \? do you keep them or delete them?!


It is not possible, how the code is inserted into the databae. I looks like double string escaping bug.