Div attach to menubar

i want to get this effect
a div attached to browser menu bar with no spaces

with out using any universal selectors or with out BODY tag.

just with that div properties that wraps it…

can it be done?

i have a problem accessing that page using iframe and use of body tag is not allowed…

any help

Not clear what you are asking. Do you mean a div hugging to top of the viewport with no margin gap?

I’m not sure what you mean, as far as I know it’s Always Invalid not to have a body tag.

You only need to set the margin and padding to 0 on the body to remove the default space by browsers. e.g.

html, body { margin: 0; padding: 0 }

Hope it helps,

excatly menu hugging ,i was not finding exact word even to goole and i knew that may be people wont be able understand so i had that image as well.

answer 1 is what i want.

about answer 2 if you have made/will make facebook application ,you will come to know that you can’t have body tag in your application pages.

So i already had written a big BUT there( for with out body tag)

I also use to do the same as indicated by you but that can’t be done in this case

any other help…

Hmm, I think you’re mistaken. Can you save the page you are talking about and host it somewhere so we can see what you are trying to do?

lol answering your question i got the answer…:lol:

but to be frank i think i am not wrong
well i can’t show you excat facebook guidelines pages where it says you can’t use body under their pages(in application)

any way if you use body tag in the css of the facebook app or in app pages
it gives
FBML Error (line 18): illegal tag “body” under “canvas”…“fb:tab-position”…so on
i found this googling

so i think ,i am not wrong.

Even the bigger problem is facebook doesnt read <script> so i have to iframe it.
and when i am doing that i am getting white backgroud from that iframed page.

ok,body is not allowed inside facebook pages but IFRAME PAGES, INFACT ARE NOT UNDER FACEBOOK ACTUALLLY.
it is actually under the site the file is hosted in.(means it is not a file include)
So i can use body tag inside framed page …
so i solve my problem giving backgound color to page.

Any way thanks for question. :smiley:

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: