Div as a box

I am building a page to display an article/blog post. The design is very simple with an article/blog post in the main area and a right column with other links.

I am trying to use HTML5, and have made the article an < article > and the right column an < aside >.

Right now, I am doing everything with the < article > tag as far as border, padding and margins. But since I have several transitions from 1280px and larger down to 320px, it is making things kind of mucky for me.

Would it be a sin to make < article > a tight wrapper around just the article, and then maybe have a div class=“box” surrounding the article?

I think separating the two would make it easier to style things from media query to media query.

I think if you do that you’re going to cause yourself some problems down the road.

How many transitions do you actually need?

take a look at this fiddle, maybe it’ll give you some insight? example

That works, but I would only question the use of the <section> tag as the parent container for the article and aside.

Where did I say anything about < section > ?

You didn’t. SamA74 was replying to lauren_olsen17 re the fiddle example

Gotcha! :wink:

It was an example, you could use a <div></div> instead.

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