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Hello, Galia.

In English, the words “line” and “row” are very similar. Both words usually refer to something that is horizontally aligned. The difference in this case is one of common usage.

For example, we commonly refer to a “line” of text rather than a “row” of text.
Programmers often refer to the number of lines of code in a program.
We think of HTML and CSS and poetry as being made up of “lines”.

Chairs are aligned in rows. Spreadsheets have rows and columns (just like HTML tables).

When you mentioned row by row I was not sure if you meant “table-row” by “table-row” or “line by line”. A table-row would be made up of several lines of code which does not necessarily include the CSS, so I wanted to be sure I understood.

A “line” of people would not necessarily be straight nor oriented in any particular direction whereas a “row” of people would be expected to be horizontal and straight, such as soldiers in formation. English can be confusing sometimes.

No, IE and Chrome do not have the ability to zoom text only. I believe you downloaded a plug-in for Chrome that was supposed to allow you to do that, but it has not worked reliably. As far as I know, only Firefox comes with the ability to zoom text only.
EDIT: Please see @RyanReese’s next post. One CAN zoom text only in Chrome! Thanks, Ryan.

do to or do about what? I don’t understand.