Distribute HTML App to PlayStore & AppStore

I have created a Web App (HTML5,CSS3&JS). It works well on most devices (iOS and Android).
I want to distribute this app via PlayStore & AppStore. I don’t have any idea how to begin!(:
How to create an apk or ipa file.
Thank You!

In terms of the AppStore, you do have to register as a developer before you can submit your app: https://developer.apple.com/

I have used PhoneGap to upload the same HTML/CSS code to Google Play and App Store.

To upload to Google Play, you’ll need to sign up for the developer account. You’ll download PhoneGap and the Android Developer Tools + Eclipse to put the code in its final form as a signed apk file. You’ll fill out the app page details in your Console page and upload the apk file.

To upload to the App Store, you’ll sign up for their developer account. You’ll need to download Xcode to a Mac (can’t upload from a PC). You’ll create certificates online and download them. Create the app in Xcode, porting it over with PhoneGap, attach the certificates, and create the compiled file in Xcode. Create the app’s detail page and upload the file. Wait a week for Apple to tell you whether your app has been approved or not.

My sig has details on these steps.

A very quick and smart tut, thank you Steve!