Distortion in converted .mov

Hello all,

I’m new to flash video and have been asked to convert a quicktime movie to .flv for a web video page. The problem is that every time I convert the movie it comes out slightly distorted?

Strangely when I use the flash video encoder it says that the original movie is 720px X 486px but when I open the movie in quicktime and press control + i it says that the movie is 853px x 480px ??? what is going on? how can I ensure the right aspect ratio?

thanks for any help,

The original video is likely DV/ NTSC video - this uses pixels that are rectangular rather than square when viewed on a TV. If you view it pixel for pixel on a PC, it would seem squeezed horizontally as all PC displays have square pixels. To counteract this ‘squeezing’ the conversion needs to rescale to add more pixels horizontally so it looks right (or rescale vertically and reduce height in pixels). The dimensions quicktime is giving you is its compensated size to display on a computer monitor with square pixels.

Great, thanks for the info.

I downloaded flvtool2 to see if I could fix the flv I created. But no luck just entering the command
flvtool2 -UP -width:853 ata.flv
The out put shows that the width metadata is changed but When I play the flv it comes out the same??

Is there a way to compensate just from the flash video encoder??

You can’t alter the dimensions of a video by altering the metadata…

You need to encode at the correct size